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Spiritex Organic Cotton Fabric

2057 | Velour | Natural Undyed

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This buttery soft long staple organic cotton/recycled polyester is combed and ring spun to achieve the most luxurious plush, velvety velour manufactured in the USA. This low carbon and pesticide free tumble dried organic cotton velour is dyed with fiber reactive dyes in a closed loop system where the water is perpetually recycled. From the yarn to the finished fabric, the entirety of the manufacturing process occurs within 150 mile radius of the Spiritex Asheville, NC headquarters. Spiritex Velour 80% Organic Cotton/20% Recycled Polyester fabric is perfect for a variety of applications including: lounge pants, yoga pants, night gowns, baby buntings, baby blankets, baby t shirts, tee shirts, dresses, skirts, tank tops, sun dresses, tank top dresses, maxi skirts, midi skirts, mini skirts, quilting squares, jersey sheets, skirts with pockets, dresses with pockets, drape jackets, light weight jackets, light weight hoodies, and many other things. Spiritex Organic Fabric is an eco-friendly clothing and wholesale fabric company committed to producing organic cottons and fabrics spun, knit, finished, and sewn within a 150 mile radius of Asheville, NC.

Fabric Specs 

Product Label: Spiritex - 2057 - 80% Organic Cotton/20% Recycled Polyester - Velour -  Made in the USA

Uses: T-shirts, tee shirts, adult tees, children's tees, t shirt dresses, drapey tops, tank tops, full skirts, sun dresses, a line dresses, empire dresses, long sleeve tees, long sleeve dress, maxi dress, tank dress, lounge pants, yoga pants, karate pants

Brand: Spiritex

Content: 80% Organic Cotton/20% Recycled Polyester

Color: Natural Undyed

Manufacturer: Spiritex

Country of Origin: Made in the USA 

Fabric Width: 62" Open Width

Fabric Weight: 6.96 oz/ square yard

Quantity Information: Full Yards Only

Care Instructions: Machine Wash & Dry, phosphate free soap, maximize longevity wash cold line dry

Care information

Machine Wash & Dry, phosphate free soap, to maximize longevity wash cold line dry